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Activities When You're Bored In Your 20's...and maybe also in your 30's :-)

In your 20's, bored at home and not sure what to do?

Here's our list of 11 fun things to do, whether you're looking for a new hobby, the chance to meet people, need something productive to do or simply want to sit back, relax and be entertained or inspired.

1) Practise That Language You Learned At School...whilst meeting new people!

Speaky is all about online language exchange and offers to connect you to 110+ languages across 180+ countries. Whether you fancy helping someone else learn english or would really love to practise that rusty French of yours, Speaky can help you find someone from another country who has similar interests to you, so that you can connect through chat or video. Merci Speaky.

2) Make Your Own Meme

Oh yes. This is possible. Go and have a look here.

3) Dance Like Beyonce

With classes called Beyonce - Countdown (Homecoming Live) with Bonnie, Rihanna - Birthday Cake With Sophie... and Britney - I'm A Slave 4 U With Kelechi, you know you're in for something a little more fun that your average aerobics class. This not only makes exercising a lot more fun - but there's the added bonus of learning a few moves to show off when the clubs reopen (or at your next Christmas Party lol).

You can find out about online classes here here

4) Gamers Unite

If you love gaming and haven't yet come across the world's leading live stream network for gamers, then we insist you head over to Twitch straight away.

5) Learn How To Knit

The perception of knitting seems to have completely changed over the last few years. Not long ago it was associated with grannies, cats and tea. Now, it seems that thousands are taking to it who are several decades younger. If this floats your boat, then Udemy has several courses available.

6) Swap Your Clothes

If you're feeling a bit poor right now, but would love nothing more than to get yourself a new look, let us introduce you to Vinted where you can make money selling the clothes you're no longer wearing, as well as swap with others.

Not just one for the girls...there's a section for women, men and kids.

7) Rewatch Epic Series

Remember those epic series in the 2000's? Actually you probably can't, as we all watch stuff that we forget over time...especially when you're talking 4, 5 or 6 seasons worth of episodes. Well how about going back through some of the favourites like Lost, 24 or The Big Bang Theory? If you don't already have Amazon Prime, they are currently offering a free trial for a month. Just make sure you check the subscription details carefully and, if you don't want to pay anything, cancel the subscription before the first payment comes through. With Netflix, the plans seem to start at £5.99 (at the time of this post).

8) Get Yourself TEFL Certified

There is a massive call-out right now from language schools and private services for online english teachers jobs. The rates are good and there is enormous flexibility in terms of how, where and how much you work. Whether you want to earn a bit of extra money from being an online english teacher part time, or would ditch the day job in a nanosecond given the chance of a job that you could do from anywhere in the teaching might very well be the right choice for you. Whatever the case, having the TEFL certification means that you can use it now or bank it for future use. Do your research, but we have noticed that Groupon are selling a 120 hour course for £26.13 instead of £195.

9) Have A Zoom Catch-Up With Your Friends

Frustrated that you can't spend time with your friends because of the Coronavirus restrictions? Well, it's not quite the same as getting a hug from your bestie but Zoom is one of the most popular services right now for online video chat. Why not organise a coffee or wine date with some of your favourite people?

10) Be Inspired By Others

TED is a company passionate about "ideas worth spreading" and is famous for organising events and talks all around the world, by expert speakers, on a range of topics. A talk with the title What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness caught our eye, but there are thousands of inspiring videos, podcasts and blog posts available on their website in different languages. You can share what interests you and get TED to recommend content, or simply go browsing.

This website provides so much free knowledge and inspiration at your fingertips...we seriously recommend you go and have a look.

11) Go Clubbing In Your Own Bedroom!

Love Electronic Dance Music? Tomorrowland is a sell-out electronic dance festival held in Belgium every year (although not this year obvs). The best of Tomorrowland can be heard through this radio station or through YouTube.

If that doesn't get you dancing in your own room... you like our tips? Which are you tempted to try? What would you add? Do let us know in the comments below as we would love to hear.

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It's free! Make sure you sign up to become a member of the site for lots of great ideas of things to do when bored at home.

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