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Acts Of Kindness Ideas

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

If you have time on your hands and you're sat at home wondering what to do next...why not put a smile on someone else's face? An act of kindness is a well known 360-degree powerhouse, positively impacting both the recipient and the giver.

All of these acts of kindness ideas can be done whilst in social confinement, using online or telephone resources.

1) Want to help during this whole Coronavirus nightmare, but not sure where to start? Log onto, find your local communities that are helping and offer support. At the most basic level you can reach out to someone who is vulnerable and at home alone (periodically touching base with them by phone, sending them messages via What's App or helping them with essential food items should they need it). Facebook has a lot of local groups too and I came across this great website yesterday

2) Help to raise funds that will get food delivered to our wonderful, front line NHS staff, who are putting their own healths at risk in order to look after the rest of us. Support my friend Rahul's 40th Birthday fundraiser here .

3) Create and send a photo jigsaw puzzle to an elderly relative or friend who might be at home bored and will love putting all those pieces together. I used this website to send my husband's gran a photo jigsaw puzzle of our wedding and she absolutely loved it.

4) What's App all your friends to find out how they are. You might be having a hard time, but they might be having a worse time, and will appreciate you touching base.

5) Cheer someone up through a surprise card or gift via Moonpig.

6) It's therapeutic to have plants around the house. Send someone you love an "unkillable houseplant", whilst supporting a small, independent business, through Beards & Daisies.

7) Support a worthy cause and sign a petition with

8) Love dogs? Find out about the incredible story of one woman selflessly helping hundreds of stray dogs in a country with one of the worst rates of animal abuse in Europe. She was relying on local hotels for food, but they have now temporarily closed and she is desperate for any help...pennies or just spreading the word to people who can spare pennies or carry out at home fundraising initiatives. I give to this charity every month

9) Tragically, the level of domestic violence has skyrocketed since people have been forced to self isolate during the battle against Coronavirus. Did you know that there are some simple ways that you can support the charity through your everyday shopping activities and AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU? All it takes is a few clicks to make these things happen.

10) Share this post on Facebook, Twitter and on other social media platforms, so that others can also get inspired when they're stuck at home. The more people you tell, the greater the ripple effect and the likelihood of someone else doing an act of kindness...

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