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Best Ways To Discover New Music

Are you a music-lover that's always trying to discover something new? or just stuck at home and like the idea of opening your ears and mind to something different?

My husband is a complete music lover.

I thought that my music taste was pretty varied, having benefited from a multi-cultural background and lived for long periods abroad, but his is on an altogether different level. These are the best ways to discover new music that he has introduced me to or that we have come across together - we hope that it might lead you to find something new.

BBC Six Music

Whether it's the Huey Show (Huey from the Fun Lovin' Criminals) on Saturday at 10am, Cerys Matthews (Cerys from Catatonia) on Sunday at 10am or Iggy Pop on Friday at 7pm, BBC's Six Music has become one of our weekend rituals. We listen to it live or record it and listen to it later over a late breakfast/brunch. The presenters are fantastic and the range of music incredible. Hubbie tells me he blames this channel for the amount of money he has spent on music over the years!

TSF Jazz

A French radio station we discovered during our first trip to Paris together - it was being played by the female taxi driver who picked us up from the station. I don't think I had ever considered myself to be a jazz lover until that point. For me, the music is dreamy and magical and absolutely perfect when you're wanting to wind down and relax, or let your mind drift away.

Glastonbury Festival

The great granddaddy of music festivals, Glastonbury is a fantastic annual showcase of incredible acts, both well-known and slightly under the radar. Search YouTube for past coverage. In 2019 we absolutely loved watching The Cure and discovering IDLES (

Jools Holland's Hootenanny

Every New Year's Eve Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra invite an eclectic series of musicians on the show to welcome in the new year. You can find past programmes on YouTube. When we were living in Greenwich in 2016 the strangest thing happened...having been excited to discover Christine and the Queens the night before, we found ourselves in the pub the next day with a table next to us talking about it all, and it ended up that several people in the pub had been watching the same programme and become fans of the band at the same time (


A digital music service with millions of songs and podcasts that you can stream. There is a free option. My husband pays attention to the recommendations they make for him.

Do you have any favourite resources for discovering new music? Share them with us!!

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