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CHANCE TO WIN: Colour-In Animal Tablecloth & Colouring In World Map

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Colouring in is a well known pastime for kids...but it might surprise you to know that it has also become increasingly popular with adults.

Although some might find it a strange way for adults to spend their time, it is actually a well known stress-buster. And in these times of increased stress, anxiety and other mental health challenges, I personally think it's good to keep an open mind with regards to new ways of winding down and soothing the mind.

So how does it work? Well, according to an article written by eatsleepdoodle, the act of colouring in calms the part of the brain which deals with feelings of stress and fear and instead stimulates the parts responsible for creativity and logic. It has been shown to be a great alternative to meditation, as colouring helps to ‘turn-off’ the brain - something that is often a struggle when performing other types of meditation. 

Other benefits include helping to improve focus, hand-eye coordination and encouraging creativity. It can also be incredibly sociable, with family colouring a wonderful way for families to spend time together and adult group colouring becoming more popular...especially when enjoyed with a glass of wine :-)

Colouring in pages have become much more sophisticated over the years and now you can find all kinds of complex and interesting designs to colour in, as well as the traditional colouring in pages of flowers or colouring pages of dogs.

I was recently excited to come across eatsleepdoodle's website and absolutely loved their fun textile products, designed to inspire creativity, learning and individuality. Instead of colouring in a piece of paper, you get to colour in cotton textiles from duvet covers to tablecloths, as well as stationery and lifestyle accessories such as backpacks and pencil cases! Everything comes with a set of 10 wash-out pens. You colour it in as you like and when you fancy changing the colours, you simply pop it in the wash and all the ink washes out in the machine leaving no trace (and before you ask...nor on anything else in the wash either!). They have a variety of designs - like the iconic notebook pillowcase, colour and learn prints in world map, butterfly, dinosaur, pond life and space explorer designs, all backed up with lots of fun facts and info on their website.

CHANCE TO WIN!!! Colour-in animal tablecloth and colouring in world map. eatsleepdoodle have very kindly given us two prizes for two lucky winners...the square world map pillowcase shown above, worth £14.95 and the colour-in animal tablecloth - zoo design, worth £22.95, shown below.

Deadline for entries: Sunday 21st June 2020 For UK Residents Only.

How to enter:

Leave a comment under this blog post of why you love colouring in, the idea of colouring in or what you like about the eatsleepdoodle range.

If you are not already a subscriber, you will need to sign up to the Bored Things To Do Website to leave a comment (it is free of charge... simply click on the sign up option at the top right of the home page).

(The following actions do not count on their own and can only be an add-on to the main requirement for entry explained above)

For an extra one name in the hat follow Bored Things To Do on Facebook

For an extra one name in the hat follow Bored Things To Do on Instagram

For an extra one name in the hat follow eatsleepdoodle on Instagram

I will put all of the names in a hat and pull out two lucky winners after Sunday 21st June 2020. GOOD LUCK!!

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