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Games To Play When Bored At Home

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Whether you're 8 or 80, consider yourself to be a gamer or are a complete novice...I thoroughly recommend you discover the world of fun online word games.

Until last Christmas I hadn't ever seen myself as someone who particularly enjoyed online games.

As with everyone, I have friends and family members who are completely addicted...and we've all seen people glued to their screens on public transport.

I remember watching my brothers battling it out for years with FIFA World Cup video games and standing by as Angry Birds took the world by storm.

And then last Christmas, my 77 year old mother introduced me to something that I found strangely addictive.

It seems that grandparents have embraced technology and are no longer just candidates for gardening, knitting and bird watching! Hey, they can even teach us a thing or two about something we think we know everything about. With my mother and me it was fun word games; CodyCross and Garden Of Words to be more precise.

It seems that parents will forever have ideas for games to play when bored at home!

What's fantastic about these games is that you can very easily play them on your own - or with friends and family. They're great to get the brain working and you get such a sense of achievement when you complete a round and have overcome the word challenges thrown at you.

There are plenty of games online that will float different people's boats. Some are free and some will have ready-made communities that will be playing online with's quite entertaining to watch my mum curse her virtual card players in the French Tarot Card Game :-) So I invite you to go and find your favourite fun online word games...and then share it with us in the forum. As with any online activities though, just make sure that whichever platform/website/service you choose to use is reputable and safe before you start clicking on links or downloading anything.

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