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What To Do When You're Home Alone

If you fancy some company, it's important to understand that there are tons of communities out there that can offer friendship, advice and support. You simply need to know where to look and how to reach out and make that connection.

Explore Facebook Groups

Are you on Facebook? Have you explored the groups function and joined any groups? Facebook has thousands of groups that cover anything and everything that you might be interested in, from politics to travel to flower arranging. There are also lots of groups linked to schools or universities that you might have attended. These groups have ready-made communities of people actively engaging with the group and with each other.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, or how to go about this, here's how you can search for Facebook groups: a) Click the Home tab in the top right hand corner, next to your photo

b) Click on the Groups tab in the bottom left hand corner margin, where it invites you to explore Groups.

Facebook then makes it incredibly easy for you to pick groups that might be of interest to you by giving you lots of suggestions, including what groups they think you might like, what groups your friends are in and what groups are popular near you. Facebook even tells you how many members that group has and how active it is (how many posts it has per week). All you need to do is then click the Join button to the right of the group name.

Some groups might have a couple of questions to ask you before they let you join (to make sure you are well suited to the group) and others just let you in. As with all groups and forums, the rules are generally quite clear in terms of making sure you always communicate in a kind and courteous manner - and some like to make sure that the groups are purely social and that there are either no, or minimal, sales-y type posts. Here are two of my favourite groups - I recommend you go out and find yours:

Noi Club A community of women with projects and businesses, powered by kindness. Women Who Travel A community of women who share a passion for travel.

So...what to do when you're home alone? Why not make some new friends?!

And if you can't find a group that's exactly what you want, or specifically covering your local area, why not press the Create Group button and create your own? :-)

Discover Your Local Networks

I stumbled across this fantastic website today - why not join a group (or several) in your local area and start making new friends or finding ways to get involved in your local community?

Join Groups Of People Who Share Your Hobbies / Interests

Meeting people in person is obviously not recommended during the lockdown period, but you could always join groups that offer virtual events or groups that you would like to meet up with once we're all allowed back out again. Having lived for many years on my own across London and other cities, I have found this website to be particularly useful

You can search for groups local to where you live, or groups of people who share all kinds of interests from reading, to walking, to going out clubbing!

The world is a big place with lots of people in it like you who want to meet new people, as well as fun online communities keen for new members. All it takes is a few clicks and a bit of curiosity and courage...

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It's free! Make sure you sign up to become a member of the site, so that you don't miss out on all our great ideas for fun things to do when bored.

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